BlockFrame® Digital Supply
Chain Consulting

Our subject matter experts will assess your business needs and
recommend solutions using cutting-edge technologies and
security practices to manage computer equipment and data
to and from equipment.

Many organizations find security for supply chains difficult because it covers so many disparate aspects of entire businesses, and the customers they serve. At the same time, modern supply chains consist of physical material, computerized equipment, and digital content, which all require seamless integration. This problem needs new, more modern solutions. BlockFrame technology utilizes blockchain, cryptologic key managment, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) to manage the physical, logical, and secure links across all digital assets and networks.

The Eco-Secure Provisioning (ESP) process begins with the manufacturing inputs into the supply chain, where logistics connections are made for all products using blockchain management with individualized Identity NFTs (I-NFTs). At all stages of the progression of products through their supply chain: vendor operations, status updates, and electronic bills of materials are tracked and verified using blockchain management of changes to the I-NFT. Connected security features continue into the end-user applications and use cases where all products and components have individual proof of identity for connection to data services and verification of zero-trust as they communicate with each other.

Verification of data produced from each device is verifiable using the I-NFT and proof of origin metadata provided with data sets. Blockchain analytics analyze trends of use and separate the individually identifiable-components of the data content. New capabilities enabled by BlockFrame approaches and technology allow companies to increase efficiency, thereby reducing costs and unlocking internal value. The secure BlockFrame ecosystem also makes countless new revenue streams possible using quality forensic metrics for product and data management.

Our team of supply chain experts can help your company optimize any portion of your digital supply chain. New techniques make data unchangeable (immutable) when added to the blockchain, making all operations and transactions in your digital supply chain are provable in the future. Applying this technology is not a simple task and requires implementation that other companies do not understand or have access to.

Many companies assign internal teams to implement new technology without adequate expertise. Implementing a blockchain approach to a secure supply chains is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Having the right expertise is critical to a successful rollout.  BlockFrame will be your expert partner to evaluate operations across your entire organization, and provide the comfort of knowing you have selected the most effective path to a secure supply chain. A phased approach, with a step-by-step progression, will assure value-added features at each phase.

Our team will help you define the best integration points between the physical, virtual and human components in your digital supply chain for optimized security. Our evaluation will ensure that your needs for privacy of persons and data are maintained while implementing the improving security of assets, assuring the trusted status of people and systems, and maintaining all compliance needs.

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