The revolutionary distributed ledger which is supported through a multi facet community project named Parallel, Homogeneous, Independent Ledgers Operating in Synchronous (PHILOS). It implements a unique patented consensus model which incentivizes community member to participate with reward for sharing success while eliminating all mining.


The trusted delivery support that provides verified data content delivery to and collected from any ecosystem component. The interconnection of CyberDome™ using EliteSecure™ data stored immutably on Philos™ ledger enables this end-to-end service offered by BlockFrame® to its customers.


The services for trusted coordination of products, services, or delivery of data amongst a family or deployed assets. Coordination enables zero trust for all covered components deployed in across supply channels, or in a connected or networked status within and organization.


The service of verified data used to ensure trust of data content. Enables tracking quality of service for customers, protection of data assets, and enforcement of usage. Used to verify authenticity of high value individual content, and prevent misinformation so that AI input and output content are trustworthy.


The service software and design-in trusted agent components which enable the protected delivery of security credential to deployed systems, IoT devices, or applications.


Customer web accessible services providing a companion for AGI high quality decision making. This AGI engine uses the verifiable Philos™ data as its input, that is collected only from verified and accurate EliteSecure™ operations originated on EcoSecure™ products


Series of IoT products for use in various industries enabling special purpose applications where physical sensors collected data from direct physical operations or user inputs. Reference designs and API interface services enable fast prototyping and immediate integration with the entire CyberSphere™ Family of services.

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