Use Cases for BLOCKCHAIN Technology



Intellectual Property Exchange/Sharing

Sensitive private Company/Corporate Information

Sensitive Government Information

Sensitive Military Information

Actual Non-Repudiation


Confidential Information

Personally Identifying Information (PII)

HIPAA and All Medical Records


Property Records

Verifiable and Accountable Databases


State/Federal Governance Programs

Fraud and Waste Prevention

Simplified Audit Processes

Medicaid Systems and Welfare/Food Stamps

Court Record Tracking and Verification

Smart Contracts


Identity Verification

True Root of Trust on IOT Devices


Business and Corporate

Tracking and Accurate Record Keeping of Private Company Ownership Amounts

Digital Rights Management

Medical Record/Credential Tracking

Consumable and Food Product Tracking

Supply Chain Tracking





Law Enforcement

Controlled Substance Tracking

Forensic Chain of Custody Proof


Credit History


Estate Planning

Fraud Prevention

Record Keeping