BlockFrame® Blockchain Solutions

BlockFrame Offerings

  • Evaluate whether Blockchain, or Distributed Ledger, is suitable for your company or application.
  • Support clients in choosing the best Distributed Ledger platform
  • Support with large scale program design or stress testing
  • Support with Development of Smart Contracts and Developer tools
  • Support the adoption or authoring of legislation for Distributed Ledger
  • Provide designs for Security and Privacy using Blockchain
  • Support with RFP creation and representing companies as a neutral party in the evaluation of proposals

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The BlockFrame team has a combined 30 years of experience in the Cybersecurity field. We have contributed to global standards and assisted with the passage of state legislation regarding the use of Distributed Ledgers.


We support platform-agnostic designs for Blockchain and Smart Contracts on any platform. Our development staff are experts in Blockchain and offer sound designs that include cybersecurity, cryptology, and privacy needs for our clients.


We have implemented blockchain applications for public chains, private chains, and hybrid ground-up implementation for completely new blockchain applications. In addition, we are experts in scaling Blockchain for large-scale applications and government-wide programs.

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