University of Colorado

BlockFrame along with partners are working on a project with the University of Colorado with the goal of providing research for implementation of blockchain governance programs identified in the State of Colorado in support of Colorado legislation SB18-086.

Under this scope, BlockFrame Inc. (hereinafter “BlockFrame”) will provide staffing, vision, and expert direction for the research program to support the needs of SB18-086. BlockFrame will utilize dissertation work of Mr. Gorog and leverage research and development projects already in progress from community members across the Front Range of Colorado. Funding from this scope of work (SOW) will support the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS) to take a leadership role in the organization of governance which will support the blockchain distributed ledger (BDL) marketplace currently under development by volunteer members of local community development teams.
Senate Bill: SB18-086

Prime Applicant: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

• BlockFrame, Inc.
Others in progress

Period of Performance: 9/1/2019 – TBD Under Performance Evaluation of Board

BlockFrame’s contribution includes the following:

• Applied research for the purpose of developing the BDL marketplace
• Provide cryptographic expertise for UCCS research projects and student education
• Engagement activities for state program adoption and rollout
• Project management including WBS for community development team
• Policy and governance organizational development and support
• Legislative alignment activities in support of BDL marketplace adoption
• Local and worldwide community awareness for the State of Colorado, UCCS, and community   development team efforts



BlockFrame along with partners are working a NAVY Grant on Distributed Electrical Architectures from Circuits to Systems.



FOA Number: N00014-18-S-F004

Prime Applicant: Arizona State University

• Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii
• FastGrid
• BlockFrame, Inc.
• PowerData
• IncSys

Period of Performance: 6/1/2018 – 5/31/2020

BlockFrame’s contribution includes the following:

For the underlying security architecture of the designs for this project, each computer system requires the ability to establish an underlying trust. This is accomplished using blockchain technology which has been famously and successfully used as the engine behind Bitcoin. BlockFrame’s solution uses a hybrid blockchain application in conjunction with a chain of trust hierarchy to create a strong synergy. The application employs blockchains’ immutable identification capability to identify any device by unifying the provisioning of underlying cryptographic keys used for communications. These keys are then relied upon for achieving information assurance and non-repudiation.

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer and the Secretary of the Navy have both released numerous guidance publications requiring non-repudiation in information assurance. BlockFrame’s technology complies and is aligned with the Department of the Navy’s cybersecurity requirements and standards in achieving non-repudiation through the most advanced and cutting-edge best practices.

CSU Pueblo

BlockFrame is a consultant with Colorado State University-Pueblo on a CSU BlockChain Program Concept Design.



The goal of this project is to provide the initial design for Colorado State University Pueblo that will create a program for BlockChain research at the university. The objective of the program is two align with the State of Colorado funded research being done at the university. The initial concept design will create a program framework to support CSU student engagement with BlockChain research and provide a path for integrating each of the existing and future research projects.


BlockFrame is working with PIACET on incorporating BlockChain technologies to their system. PIACET creates a digital library of professional credentials stored in one app. Users can instantly find the credentials that are needed to share or prove to third parties… whether that is one or 100. Users can email the credentials out immediately. PIACET informs you of expiring credentials helping you manage your time and those frequent renewals.

Professional credentials are highly sensitive and incredibly important for not only the work the professionals perform but also for insurance reasons. Tracking this data, safeguarding this data, and making this data accountable is a priceless.





Colorado Passed Blockchain Technology Legislation
State of Colorado passed legislation that supports the use of blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies for a variety of purposes, including to improve the state government’s operations and cybersecurity. Senate Bill 86 makes Colorado the first state to enact laws around the use of blockchain technology for the purpose of safe-gaurding confidential data in state records.


The bill concerns the use of encryption for state records and confirms that blockchain technology is rapidly growing for every sector of the marketplace as it offers solutions to support the connection of society, technology, and finances by mapping human action to transactions.


Read the full senate bill here.


Colorado Passes Law to use BlockChain for Governance in State Programs


Interview with Senator Kent Lambert