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Software Engineer Job Description


Blockchain systems development engineer
This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position. The primary schedule is Monday through
Friday between 8AM and 5PM. The employee will work in a fast-moving startup environment
which will require them to be on a small team and they may be involved in many aspects of the
business. The individual should be quick adapting, willing to express their ideas, provide input,
and participate in any areas required for the success of the organization. The position supports the
development, security, and operations of a distributed ledger-based system-of-systems, including
design, documentation, data management, test and evaluation, hardware/network interfaces, and
analytics. Designs do not include cryptocurrencies, financial securities, or “energy mining for
proof of stake.”
The employee will normally work independently on tasks as part of a team of five or more
people to coordinate project goals and workflow. Remote work will require self-motivation and
discipline to perform assigned tasks with little direct supervision. Project design and progress
meetings and reports to supervisors can be expected daily. If assigned to physical office or lab
facilities, remote work may be limited. Due to the commercial sensitivity of designs, cybersecurity
requirements, and client and government security standards, compliance with background checks,
security practices, and periodic drug testing is expected when required.


High interest in blockchain/distributed ledger technologies, digital supply chains, trust
architectures, digital privacy, and cybersecurity applications
Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science, systems engineering, electrical engineering,
or equivalent experience


Security+, CISSP, CISA, or equivalent are encouraged, but not required.
Experience with all or some of the following programming languages: Golang, C#, C, C++,
ASP.Net, JavaScript/React, SQL
Knowledge of programming logic in an object-oriented environment
Knowledge of VS Code, Visual Studio.
Git experience with smart contract development/operations.
Interest or experience with blockchain platforms, concepts, or development.
Experience in development of REST APIs, web services, JSON
Knowledge of TLS, certificate hierarchy, creation, and use of X.509 certificates, and certificate
Knowledge of cryptographic operations for hash, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption.
Mid- or higher-level understanding of cybersecurity operations
Experience in implementing cryptographic operations.
Understanding of business practices and policies for of cybersecurity and privacy applications
Experience with Microsoft Office suite
Leadership experience in a professional environment
Excellent organizational skills and time management
Good at independently working and completing tasks.
Good at contributing to team design efforts.
Good written and verbal skills

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