Our portfolio of patents enables a position of strength to empower future proof business models protecting our core technologies. Current patents on four technology components are issued in the United State and also are extended to five of the major economic centers of the world. These patents are pivotal to our innovation and enable the protection of our customers ability to control the aspects of their products in the their individual markets. Our customer are able to leverage exclusivity if desired in a particular market segment or industry to position them over their competition.

This protected operation implemented by our Philos™ Distributed Ledger employs the only patented blockchain consensus model on the market. The consensus model does not utilize any mining or high computational algorithms in its operation thus enable the ability to provide the more advanced capability over any competition blockchain while entirely eliminate mining.

The unique provisioning of security credentials in a protected manor utilized in our CyberDome™ and CyberSphere™ products is the first of a kind trust management for cyber-physical and cryptographic certificate and key distribution using distributed leger. Many recent future looking technology publications including Gartner, IEEE Industry Advisory Board, and AI Articles site that trusted system using blockchain is the top needs for the future of the data revolution. We are decades ahead of this trend and with this patented are the only providers able to implement distribution of trusted components using blockchain.

Our secure provisioning of trusted identification components enables each end system, IoT device, mobile app, or distributed application to effectively become a blockchain wallet. Every data item receive from or produced by the end node system is uniquely identifiable containing EliteSecure™ metadata. This patent protects the on system agent operations and enables the containment of base components in each end node while also mapping operation across the supply chain enabling customers and product owner to operate privately and securely over the entire product lifecycle from cradle to grave.

This patent enables options for legacy system integration using software solutions, but also provides highly secure cyber-physical components. This creates a unique position enable IP protection on the physical level, through logistical distribution, across the logistics of deployed products, into the application level, and business tiers. Our customers are enabled with granular control to empower top down individualized asset business models across large amounts of deployed product.

This patent protects processes which enable our EliteSecure™ lineage from data production through distribution, and storage. Data items from any CyberSphere™ entity can be trusted and this underlying trust use for clients to empower Quality of Service for applications, machine learning algorithms, or AGI. Countless use cases can leverage these services and the underlying trust of each system, data item, or participant identity.

Several BlockFrame® anticipated products that are targeted for end systems which leverage our family of services in a specific industry or consumer application are on our internal roadmap for future Patent Filings. Some of these are set for internal release in the near term while other concepts in early design stages. The ability to leverage each BlockFrame® product once any of the others are in circulation provides the unique ability for our clients to gradually corner their industry or market with trusted operations that set them apart from their competition.

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