Philos™ Distributed Ledger and Phyli™ Tokens

Solving the Blockchain problem

Since the popularization of Blockchain, the technology has floundered in attempts for mass adoption due to the economic limitations experienced in attempts for large scale applications. Widely diverse supply chains, large scale industrial or consumer IoT products, and complex distributed business services models that are the most in need of distributed trust also require high volumes of transactions. However early platforms did not have the ability to scale to such volumes.

The Philos™ difference

The primary intent of the Philos™ is to change the alignment of the incentive structure to support the needs for business usage instead of feeding a global lottery. This is done by implementing a Synchronous Trust Consensus Model™ (STCM™) where incentive tokens are not achieved by a computationally intensive proof algorithms, instead using a participation-based time-release structure. The STCM™ Phyli™ incentive tokens are released to the participant for contributing virtual time applied to supporting the needs of business use cases. This change to incentivizing virtual participation “Time” instead of CPU high utilization removes the need for expensive equipment and high energy usage. The STCM™ does not disillusion miners but provides a profitable democratized business model for conversion of current mining operation to support the new paradigm. Shifting to STCM™ has the potential for reduction in global energy waste of over $60 billion annually, and at the same time aligns Individual participants efforts directly to support companies’ growth by providing more democratized storage ledgers. For more information download the Philos™ academic release publication.

Cost effective and economically sustainable

Adoption of Philos™ distributed leger enables continuous growth thus providing a sustainable ecosystem across the CyberSphere™ Academic research has proven that the Philos™ platform is able to scale indefinitely with sublinear growth of overhead which is unmatched by any competition. Democratized storge of transactions for large scale business use cases is possible for the first time with this product. Phyli™ tokens are affordable, consistently priced, and available as a utility token to reduce challenges of speculation experienced by many early blockchains. Support for multiple programs, industries, and use cases, are enabled concurrently with the Philos™ platform which was initially introduced to support for multiple state programs designed for the protection of citizens records. Philos™ is a first of a kind third generation distributed ledger designed to be sustainable and cost effective. It is widely vetted through academic publications, supported by governance non-profit organizations, companies, and in consideration for adoption by international standards organizations. For more information download the “Phyli™ Token Economics” White Paper.

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