BlockFrame, Inc. Files NFT Patent

Press Release: 12/06/2021

Source: BlockFrame, Inc.

Address: 6215 Corporate Dr. Ste 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

BlockFrame® Inc announces filing a series of patents ( No.17/488,529, and No. 17/488,589  ) for implementing security for IoT devices utilizing blockchain distributed ledger. This new approach to IoT security called Eco-Secure Provisioning (ESP™) uses non-fungible tokens (NFT) from the distributed ledger placed in IoT devices to ensure unique secure operations. The first two patents cover the creation, delivery, and security of these NFTs, with a third patient ( No. 17/488,655 ) outlining the implementation of security features using this protected distribution.

This new capability using NFTs for security allows for securing IoT devices at any stage in the supply chain.  NFTs relating to the identity of any IoT device can be exchanged, replaced, or upgraded with new security components as often as needed and tracked on the distributed ledger. “We see that this use of NFT for security will become a standard approach for IoT security. Each device contains the uniform capability to authenticate, encrypt, identify, and sign data with proof of origin. In addition, the distributed ledger enables tracking of each action, transfer of ownership, or validation of IoT signed data, making a powerful security toolset.” CEO Chris Gorog

BlockFrame ESP™ enables distributed product security at any stage in the supply chain with the ability to reset to any previous trusted state should a compromise occur. In addition, any digital interfaces with ESP™ enabled IoT devices can transfer uniquely encrypted data that a single device can only digest. By using distributed ledger integrated applications, control of data content to ESP™ IoT devices can be sold as a service or enabled for peer-to-peer applications.  ESP™ supported IoT devices will make zero-trust communications available, individualized privacy by design capability, and advanced security features. 

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